Liberals Envy Trump Voters


Liberals who hate Trump are the overachievers.  They have gone to college (and send their children) at great personal expense.  There they studied something boring, useless, and irrelevant, or else something boring and scandalously practical.

Because of their industrious genes and this higher learning, liberals worry.  They worry about what they say, they worry about what other people say, they try to control what other people say, they worry about words and word choices, they argue, they worry about dogs in shelters and meat on the table, they worry about the climate, they worry about the economy, they worry about people at the border, they worry about people who might be at the border, they worry about politics, they worry about their cholesterol levels and sleep apnea and the legalization of marijuana, they worry about what smoking legal marijuana will do to their their sleep apnea, they worry about newts going extinct, they worry about hogweed by the side of the road, they worry about someone breaking into their second (or third) home, they worry about the guns they own or refuse to own, they worry about others with guns, they worry about the entire subject of guns, they worry about ozone and coral reefs and ticks and airborne toxic events.

Liberals worry about not reading enough no matter how much they read, they worry about nuclear war with North Korea, they worry about peace with North Korea, they worry about things like Honor Rolls and National Honor Society and Student Council and  things that look good on transcripts or, later, resumes.  They worry about corner offices, raises, things that trigger other things, migraines, hypertension, dementia, overpopulation and, simultaneously, not enough immigrants.

Liberals are diligent.  They work hard.  They not only work hard, they overwork.  They often – usually? – die, at least indirectly, from overwork, or else from escapes from overwork such as alcohol.  To them this is virtue.  They will split their guts to ensure justice – whatever that is – and diversity – whatever that is – as if there is a Cosmic Scorekeeper, even though some liberals are ostentatiously atheistic.

Liberals, in other words, are haunted from birth to death by a need to achieve, or, more precisely, a need to perfect the world.

This is why they envy and hate Trump voters.

Trump voters are less perfect.  They like perfect stuff if they can easily get their hands on it, but they won’t destroy their lives in active pursuit of it.  Many Trump voters are unaware of what an Honor Roll is, and if they’ve heard of Phi Beta Kappa, they assume that’s a place babes hang out.

They more often have not subjected themselves to college life, but instead have driven trucks, shot quail, tracked deer, worried only about today’s weather, and grown their own beef in the field out back.

They only worry about work in terms of not losing their jobs.  Otherwise they do the bare minimum to keep from getting fired or replaced by an immigrant.  They only worry about their health to the extent of asking, “Have I lost a leg today?” and if the answer is, “No, I haven’t lost a leg today, as best I can tell,” then their cholesterol can go to hell.

Liberals have sacrificed their lives to abstract things that they are totally incapable of making a dent in.  They have tossed their lives aside in an attempt to “make a difference”.  They get after others like flies taking to rotting meat, in an attempt to “educate” others into also sacrificing their lives.

When the others fail to be grateful for the alleged “education”, liberals get enraged.  Liberals are always enraged.  They are enraged that others have not given up their peace of mind the way they have.  They envy those of more relaxed mien and lower political standards.

What they really envy is the certainty of mind that many Trump voters seem to have.  Liberals question everything, even their questions.  They have been trained to believe that to question is good, and to have certainty of mind or peace of mind is bad, a sign of stupidity or of authoritarianism.

It’s not a sign of stupidity.  It’s a sign that there are people out there who realize that a driven life is a wasted life.

I think this explains 9/11 as well:  radical Islamists targeted the World Trade Center because it had the greatest concentration of driven Westerners in corner offices.  The terrorists don’t want their societies to be regimented in a New York City way, by achievement-oriented capitalists schooled in business, marketing, public relations, and whatnot.

Same with Trump voters.

There is nothing more unnerving than being envied.  Trump voters feel the Evil Eye of envy against their very being every time they go online or turn on the TV.  They know that liberals are envious of them, but that few liberals would ever see it, feel it, or admit to it.

There is an inversion.  Suddenly liberals are the reactionary Gray Flannel Suit people, bound to their speech codes and their dogma and catechisms and rules aplenty.  And the conservatives, or at least the populists, are the anything-goes hippies, unattached to passing worldly goods.

The Slow Life Movement is here now, and it voted for Trump.  This is the dirty secret of American electoral politics.  It is pro-leisure.  It fishes.

I envy a gentleman in Egypt – or Italy, or Greece – who spends an entire morning sipping coffee and shooting the breeze in a cafe before luxuriously pulling into the office.

So do many of you.  It’s a life you’ve never allowed yourself, isn’t it?

You hate yourself for that.  Which is why you envy and hate others.

It’s a wonderful life the system has made for you, isn’t it?